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What are Questories?

Questories are story games for birthdays, corporate events and children's parties. We also hold scheduled games on the weekend. Questories are not tied to a certain place, instead the presenter brings the game to the client's home, office, to a cafe or to a picnic.

Each player has their own character and individual goals: to save the World or hide from the police, find treasure or hide an ancient artifact.

You decide how you are going to achieve your goal and win: by scheming or flirting, using your power or charisma.

Analogs of Questories are known in America in the form of murder mystery games, and the Simpsons will tell you all about them.

Never behave like Homer :)

The first game took place in St. Petersburg (Russia) in the fall of 2009. Six months later, people started playing Questories in Moscow. And today Questoria is a partner network that includes 66 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the USA. In 2018 we opened in Israel - our franchise is already operating in Tel Aviv ! Join us!

If Russian is your native language but you have been living abroad for a long time and are thinking of starting a business there, you are a perfect candidate. We provide game scenarios in both Russian and English.

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Benefits and advantages for franchisees

With a Questoria franchise you are getting not just a scenario but a complete ready-made system for doing business.

What do we do to develop your franchise?

We don’t sell games in boxes, we bring organized events to the customer

We allocate a page for your city at Questoria's site

The franchisee gets a subdomain for their city at the official site, for example (for Boston) or (for Koh Samui, Thailand). You can use all of the site's features. For example, you can accept online applications for games, sell electronic gift certificates and use the pre-prepared landing pages with the description of services for advertising campaigns.

We give you a step-by-step advertising strategy

The advertising plan includes the proven technological algorithms, which, if followed step-by-step, lead to an increase in the customer flow.

  • How do you create marketing content?
  • What platforms are more profitable to place ads on?
  • How do you build «word-of-mouth»?

We already have answers to and solutions for these and many other issues. The plan is not a dogma, we take into account the market situation. Therefore, the strategy is constantly revised and updated with effective methods and techniques, through which many franchisees have already achieved good results.

«The advertising plan really works, and when you get the first results you feel empowered and inspired to push further and achieve even more. All the steps in the advertising plan are necessary and important, and when performed together they produce a synergetic effect», says franchisee Oleksandr Likhina (Kharkov, Ukraine)

the business guide

The guide is updated frequently based on the franchisee's experience. You will gain access to valuable knowledge in the specifics of our business:

  • assistance in setting up business processes
  • instructions for game organization and facilitation
  • recommendations on how to hire personnel
  • etc.

Questoria's founder, Alexey Korsun

Sales scripts for negotiations with customers

You get access to unique online sales training materials written specifically for Questoria products. This means you immediately avoid unnecessary mistakes at the start of negotiations with your potential customers. You also receive sales scripts «for all occasions». This knowledge of best practices usually takes years to gain. As a franchisee, you will use the ready-made, repeatedly tested speech modules, turning a potential customer into a permanent one.

We promote official groups in social networks

The social media marketing (SMM) program helps a franchisee's business development, including promotion through Questoria's fan pages on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, you do not invest a dollar in the SMM, we pay for promotion, and you get new customers.

We increase your sales with our CRM potential

We will provide you free access and teach you how to use our corporate CRM system for accounting and managing customers. You enter the information, mark the transaction stages, and your customers automatically receive beautiful sales letters. Information about all customers and their orders is kept in one place, together with the analytics on the number of successful and failed transactions, customer sources, and sales efficiency. You concentrate on the most important thing: hosting high-quality games and receiving your profit.

Corporate CRM

We provide branded advertising materials for you

Franchisees get free access to branded materials: the marketing kit, banner and poster designs, table tents, flyers and letter and business card templates. Therefore, you save time and money on the design of promotional materials.

We send different scenarios right away

A standard Questoria is ideal for birthday parties. The Mini-Questoria is good for fast scheduled games and presentations. All 35 original scenarios that we provide you with have already been «tested» on an audience of at least 10,000 people. The results of our script-writing team's excellent work are eloquently evidenced in the feedback that players from 45 cities leave 24/7. New scenarios in different genres are published regularly.


original scenarios

We offer support in all areas

The Questoria head-office team are fans of their business, from the Director General to the quality control department.

We love our work and are happy when we receive a positive response from others. Supporting franchisees is the central component of the Questoria business model.

Do you need a business consultation? You are welcome to talk to us! We will provide detailed answers to your questions about advertising, sales and working with staff, for example, how to train the hosts to adhere to Questoria facilitation standards.

We evaluate and implement it for the common good.

We share our experiences within our community

Use the experience of 66 Questoria franchisees in your work.

By always comparing notes with other colleagues in the community, you will be able to use well-developed solutions and procedures for conducting games and avoiding mistakes. The success of one franchisee opens the door to the success of all others.

We share a common goal

Our low entry fee indicates that we do not follow the philosophy of «sell a franchise - forgot about the franchisee», where the latter is left to fend for themselves.

We are happy, we are profitable, and we are interested in your development, income and skill progression. We have common goals. That's the whole point!

Bonus:the role-play game business brings a lot of fun from dealing with customers - believe us ;-) It's nice to play with smart and interesting people, and our players are like that.

Franchise terms

Questoria franchisees are our spiritual kin.

We give the franchise to those who will come to love this business the way we do. You will have to learn, work on and perfect your skills of game facilitation - this is the basis of our business model. There is no other way. The «invest and let it go» option is not what we are about. So, if you are just looking to invest in something and are indifferent to the theme, do not choose to work with us.

Join us! It's a good deal!


We have two business models. Choose the one that’s right for you.

«The first swallow». Try yourself in the event-industry with minimal financial risks! Low startup fee, low risks. Suitable for the start of a cozy family business.
You are spared the lion’s share of administrative costs: rent, permanent staff salaries and monthly royalties. And you can invest more money in the promotion. And if there is a «downtime», no extra costs.

«Franchise». Start a large-scale business or expand your existing business with Questoria.

«The first swallow»«Franchise»
Ideal for
  • «Trial» run
  • Small towns
  • Cities with a small Russian-speaking or English-speaking population
Building a serious business
Entry fee$800
  • Page for your city at Questoria’s site
  • CRM connection
  • Business, Marketing Guides
  • Sales scripts
  • Access to groups of our franchisees for exchange of experience
  • 1 scenario. You can buy more for an additional fee
from $1070 calculate
  • Page for your city at Questoria’s site
  • CRM connection
  • Business, Marketing Guides
  • Sales scripts
  • Access to groups of our franchisees for exchange of experience
  • 3 scenarios at once
Recurring paymentsInstead of paying monthly royalties, you pay:
  • $20 per month. Payment on a quarterly basis, from the 3rd month after signing the contract
  • $400 when you want to get a new scenario.
This money goes to support the entire infrastructure (mail, CRM, website, integration with messengers, business guides, marketing guides, sales scripts, new scenario)
Royalties monthly: 12.5% of proceeds. This amount includes:
  • use of the entire infrastructure
  • getting new scenarios for free
ScenariosNo more than 5Unlimited
Territory of useYour cityYour city or several cities, if we stipulate this in the agreement
ExclusivityOnly for the scenario. Other scenarios can be purchased by other people in your city.For the franchise. No one in your city, except you, will have the right to conduct questorias.

Calculate the entry fee for the «Franchise» package

Initial investment:  *

Royalties: % of your revenue

Franchisee's additional investments (except for the entry fee) include only the game shipment to your city, printing and stationery costs. It is not necessary to have an office to conduct this business.
*These terms are set for the cities with the first-time franchise. Please, specify your royalty terms in more detail in your request.

Payback period



We, as the franchisor, develop our business partners centrally, investing our financial and human resources. As you pay royalties, you will receive new game scenarios for free.

This is beneficial for you, as you quickly achieve results without investing much in the business.

I first joined Questoria as a game facilitator. A friend of mine asked me, ’Would you like to try it?’ And I said, ’Yes’... And off we go!
I fell in love with Questories! Here, you can also become a hero of fascinating stories, and experiment with an exciting and surprising character!
Now, I am a franchisee of one of the coolest intellectual games in the world!
What I like about this franchise is the support of other bright-eyed people involved in the business, just like I am.
I can easily ask anyone: they will either tell me where to find an answer, or share their personal experience.
After all, the cities are not rivals, instead everyone is eager to help in order to develop the common brand! And that means to grow and develop together!
Zhenya Kitova, partner for Almaty
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